Here It Is: Your Ultimate Guide to the Most Amazing Smartphones

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Everyone seems to be happy with the world today, especially in the area or field of technology. All around you, you’re finally seeing a lot of improvements – where you once lived in a world where the only way to communicate was through letters and others modes of communication that take forever, you now find yourself in a world where everyone now feels like a minute or even a few seconds away.

And yet, it also seems that your friendly tech creators are far from finished. So, even if you do feel like you’re so satisfied and contented with the phone that you now have, you also find yourself being surrounded by new creations and inventions, all intent on proving to you that really (and you’ve probably heard of this before), the only thing that’s constant in the world is change. And as the world changes, so do the smartphones. Here’s a list of amazing smartphones that are set to be released this year.

Smartphones to Watch Out For This Year

Here’s the first one: the newest addition to the Samsung Galaxy family, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9+. Samsung has already confirmed they will host an “Unpacked” event at the MWC to launch their latest flagship smartphones. Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S9 series and it will be an incremental upgrade over the predecessor Galaxy S8 but a very few changes on the design front. The device will feature the same 18:9 widescreen display, latest chipset, and an improved camera.

The second smartphone for you to watch out for is something brought to you by Xiaomi – the Xiaomi Red Mi Note 5. With the Xiaomi Red Mi Note 5, you can possibly look out for the following innovations: a 5.99 inch full HD+ 18:9 display, 12MP rear camera, Snapdragon 625 in two storage variants – 3GB of RAM and 32GB onboard memory and 4GB of RAM and 64GB onboard memory backed by a 4000mAh battery.

Yet another smartphone that you can look forward to is one of Motorola’s newest smartphones – the Moto G6. The G6 will boast of an all-metal design, 18:9 aspect ratio widescreen display and the latest android out of the box.

Chinese smartphone company Huawei is also set to launch its own latest smartphone, the P11. The device will come with a 10nm Kirin 970 chipset, which the company claims to have 25 times better CPU performance and 50 times better energy efficiency compared to its predecessor. Huawei P11 will come with a bigger screen, and a 6 inch 18:9 widescreen aspect ratio display with three cameras.

Of course, this is by no means a complete list. Somewhere along the way, as the year progresses, you’ll find that there are so many smartphones to choose from. Now, if only you had the money and the time for all of them. In case you don’t, just pick one and stick with it, like the love of your life.

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