Your Ultimate Guide to Bitcoins

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There used to be a time when people didn’t even need money. The method and mode of exchange were based on a system that was known as the barter system. The barter system was all based on trust, and was kind of problematic because it all set a playfield that was that fair – those who already had a lot of valuable items could purchase more valuable items, while those who did not have much were forced to give up so much of what they already had.

And then, to establish some sort of fairness and equality, came the currency system, or what you would perhaps otherwise know as the ‘money’ system. By introducing money into the economy, goods were then valued according to how much money they were worth. But then again, change is the one thing that’s constant in this world, which is why today, you now find yourself in the age of cryptocurrency, or, for many of you, bitcoins.

What in the world are Bitcoins?

To be as simple as possible, bitcoins are examples of cryptocurrency, already recognized as being a worldwide payment system. The thing with money (which sometimes subjects it to abuse) is that it’s too centralized – only banks can make them, governments determine them, and many other forms of authority over money that makes it difficult to manage. Bitcoins, however, pride themselves on being decentralized, which means that the system works without a central bank or single administrator.

Top Tips for Bitcoin Trading

First tip:get a bitcoin wallet. It’s pretty much the same thing with your money. You don’t keep holding your money in your hand because that would actually be a good way to lose it. You keep it in wallet instead. With bitcoins, you will also need a bitcoin wallet.

Second tip:whether you intend to sell or to buy, you need to get fluent in technical analysis. What this means for you is that you need to get an understanding of the basics of technical analysis. This is an absolute must before entering the Bitcoin markets, because the capacity to analyze markets will determine your success in trading.

Third tip:keep yourself abreast on the latest news. In doing so, you’ll get to learn what industries are currently doing well, what companies are on the decline, and what this information will mean for your trading habits. Even for the cryptocurrency, then, awareness really pays.

Fourth tip: in bitcoin trading, habit is key. With this, it’s important that you establish a regular schedule and pace for yourself – how many hours in a day are you willing to put in for your bitcoin trading life? It’s advised to not get too overwhelmed, as this could lead to burnout and less success in the long run. Practice manageable hours instead.

With all of these, it’s still best to learn through doing, so it might be best if you stop reading and start doing – begin your cryptocurrency life today.

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