On Dressing Well: The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Men

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Unfortunately, some men seem to think that style (especially the fashionable kind) is beneath them. There seems to be the misconception that a sense of style in fashion is meant only for women, and that ‘real men’ would really rather not have anything to do with a question of or a concern for style. And so, a good number of men end up living as walking comedies, with a sense of style so impoverished that if it were food, it wouldn’t be enough for one full meal.

Okay, that might be exaggerating it a little bit, but you probably know where this is going. Style, even the fashionable kind, is actually for everyone. A sense of style in fashion sends a very clear message – I know what I want in life, and this shows through the clothes I choose to wear. Here are a few guidelines to send that message.

Some Basic Points in Fashion to Remember (For Men, Especially)

Here’s the first: to improve your style, remember that style is a skill. It is basically acquired and learned. It does not come to you at birth, and you begin to use it as an excuse that you were not born with it. Of course not. No one is. The more you keep practising it, the more you try to prioritize it, the more it becomes routine.

Second point: you can develop your eye in fashion by picking out or identifying a style you really like. Are there particular men who you think look good? Who are they? Why do you say they look good? Do you see yourself as capable of looking like them? What are the differences? What are the similarities? These questions will guide you through the process.

Third point: remember to get the right fit. Getting the right fit means precisely that. Ever wonder how Ryan Gosling manages to look good, even if he’s just wearing a plain white shirt and blue jeans? The answer is the right fit. If you lay off the baggy pants and the baggy shirt and start wearing clothes your size, you’ll see how this will significantly change your look, making your more stylish in the process.

Fourth point: remember to buy the classics first before dabbling into trends. Have you ever wondered why people in business suits are often taken seriously and professionally? It’s partly because they’re wearing classic-styled outfits instead of the loud, printed, trendy ones. You really have no need for the shocking colours and prints as of now. When you’re still learning your own style, it’s good to first get a feel for the plain, that way, you’ll also learn how to dress with class, without necessarily relying on the prints to deliver the message for you.

You see, style is a concern for men, too. Once you’ve come to grips with this fact, you’ll slowly get the knack for learning how to be a man, fashion-wise.

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