Solo Travel for Moving On: The Ultimate Guide

Imagine this: you’ve been with the same girl for several years now, and you already feel as if you’ve known her since forever. You begin to allow your world to revolve around her – you make plans together, her family and yours are expecting that you two would end up getting married, you begin imagining how you’re going to raise all the sons you’re going to have with her, and then, all of a sudden – she breaks up with you, telling you she’s found another man.

Sucks, right? Well, to be fair, it doesn’t just suck. It sucks big time. And while you’re more than ready to fall face flat on the floor and just drink your heart out for the rest of your life, your better and more reasoned self is telling you to get a grip on yourself and pull yourself together. So, in the spirit of trying to restore your broken soul without having to be too cheesy about it, you decide to follow everyone else’s advice and you schedule a full two weeks for a vacation – all alone. Thus, the recipe for moving on: solo travel.

What to Do

The first thing you need to consider is the personal essentials. There’s the thing with your own family. Of course, you need to assure them of your safety – how are they going to contact you, what are your means of communicating with them. You also need to figure out the details of your personal needs. For instance, you might need to consider the availability of potable water in your country or city of choice. Also, consider the accommodation that you’ll be reserving – any special needs or requests?

Next when it comes to packing, remember to buy a travel-friendly backpack with adjustable back systems and remember less is more: consider your shoulders and halve your load. You won’t need those special clothes that are reserved for dressing up all macho and handsome. After all, everyone else will most likely not bother with dressing up anyway. (And yes, dressing up means getting reminded of what you wore on your first date when you first asked her out, so no.)

Third, do not underprioritize your personal safety. When possible, always do remember to bring your personal attack alarm. Only take registered taxis. Carry the phone number of a taxi firm with you. Be really careful with drugs and alcohol – you’ll be much more vulnerable if you’re off your face.

And lastly, don’t forget to meet and greet new people. If you’re on solo travel because you came fresh from a breakup, then restore that heartbreak by filling your life with people (or women) who can’t wait to see what a strong man you really are. Who knows, the new Ms. Right just might be around the corner, carrying a backpack as interesting as yours, with reasons just as interesting as yours. Chin up, for the world waits, and it’s still yours.

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